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Mukul Roy is either mentally unstable or drunk: Trinamool’s Kunal Ghosh

Trinamool Congress leader Kunal Ghosh has called out party leader Mukul Roy for his optics, saying that the veteran leader is “irrelevant” for the TMC.

“Mukul Roy is either mentally unstable or drunk. He is irrelevant to us. His own son says he is mentally unstable,” said Kunal Ghosh.

Kunal Ghosh’s comment comes as Mukul Roy said he was still a BJP legislator and expressed his desire to return to the saffron camp.

Ghosh further alleged that Mukul Roy was not seen at any of the meetings or work platforms of the TMC, neither did he open his mouth when Abhishek Banerjee was allegedly harrassed by agencies and when Mamata Banerjee was trying to create opposition unity.

“He was not present in any meeting of TMC. We could not see him when agencies harassed Abhishek Banerjee,” said Ghosh.

Kunal Ghosh stated that it was for the BJP to decide what they wanted to do with Mukul Roy. Ghosh’s comments came at a time when various senior leaders in BJP, including Suvendu Adhikari, have stated that Roy will not be taken in BJP.

“Let the BJP decide what they want to do with him. Yes, he was a senior leader at one point, now he is irrelevant. His son says he is mentally unstable. Let him go and see where BJP keeps him,” said Ghosh.

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